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Medical OnDemand is a Discord platform service that provides medical students with direct access to Neejad for a small monthly subscription. Neejad responds to messages within four (4) hours. This can be a huge help when students are struggling with difficult concepts or need clarification on specific topics. Medical OnDemand can also be a valuable resource for students who are preparing for exams (e.g., USMLE, NBME), or need help with clinical rotations.

Medical OnDemand is part of Neejad’s StudyMaster subscription, where you will get exclusive access to Study with Neejad and incredible AI tools to promote productivity, motivation, and effective studying.


Your Questions, Answered

Subscribe to Neejad’s Discord server and unlock exclusive benefits like Medical OnDemand—a service where Neejad responds to any medical question or study issue within four (4) hours. Also get access to Study with Neejad and AI tools that promote productivity and effective studying.

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